Why the Trump Administration’s New Land Grab Plan Will Hurt the Yankton Tribe

The Trump administration announced a $1.9 billion plan Wednesday to move the federal Yanktons reservation from the Navajo Nation’s reservations to the federal land managed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The move, announced by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, is a departure from decades of US-Indian relations.

In the 1990s, the US-Native population in the Yanks was about 30 percent of the US population.

The Yankts have long argued that the tribe has a “civil rights history” and that they should be included on reservations in the same way that the Crow Indians were in the United States.

The tribes have also been part of the litigation that led to the Supreme Court’s landmark 1973 ruling in Griswold v.

Connecticut, which declared a right to self-determination for Native American communities.

The Trump Administration has since approved the plan, which also includes a request for $1 billion to restore and preserve the tribe’s natural resources.

The announcement of the move came after the Trump administration last month announced a separate $1,000 grant to the Yanked Nation to help it restore and maintain the YANKTON RESERVATION.

The White House said in a statement that the move was in response to “recent events and actions that have resulted in the closure of the Yanka Creek Canyon, the relocation of the tribal lands and the establishment of a permanent site for the Yanking Tribe’s reservation.”

The move comes amid ongoing tensions between the US and Native Americans.

Last month, the Trump-appointed US Attorney General, the Deputy Attorney General and the acting Attorney General of the Department of Justice announced a settlement with the tribe, which they called “unconscionable.”

They agreed to a range of agreements that would preserve the Yatons’ rights to self determination, restore and conserve the tribal land and ensure that tribal resources and tribal history remain in perpetuity.

The tribe was also awarded $5 million to compensate it for damage to the tribe and for the “injury and damage” caused by the government’s actions.