Which Woodford Reserve Distillery is your favorite?

A new Woodford reserve in Georgia is being considered for the 2018 Woodford Distillery.

According to Woodford’s Facebook page, the Woodford Family Reserve, located in the southeastern corner of the state, would be the fifth distillery in the U.S. to produce bourbon since Prohibition ended in 1933.

Woodford is owned by The Woodford Company, which also owns The Old Forester Distillery in Georgia.

The Woodford family distillery is known for its bourbon, rye and barley products, which have been lauded for their versatility.

Its whiskey has also been praised for its “lightness,” which has been cited as one of the reasons that it has been considered a winner among distilleries.

Woodfall has also won a number of awards for its whiskey.

The new Woodfords whiskey will be distilled at the Woodfells distillery, which is located near Atlanta.

Woodfalls current production capacity is about 1,500 barrels per year, and the company hopes to increase that number to 2,000 barrels per day by 2019.

According a Woodford spokesperson, Woodfills bourbon will be the first bourbon made at Woodford since it started bottling in 2005.

The company is currently preparing a new tasting room and tasting room manager, which will help them find new ways to improve the quality of Woodford whiskey.

The Woodfolds distillery will have a tasting room, and they hope to eventually offer more retail locations, according to Woodfists Facebook page.

Woodford is also working on a project to bring bourbon to Georgia.

The company is planning to build a distillery that would eventually produce whiskey that would be bottled at a number that would make it one of Woodfells top five bourbons.

The distillery would also offer tours and tastings of Woodfell whiskey, according the Woodfalls website.

Woodfall’s distillery could also become an important part of the company’s broader plan to diversify its portfolio.

The New York Times reported that the company was interested in buying up more of its whiskey brands, which would allow it to create more new brands that would expand its offerings and tap into more whiskey drinkers in the future.