When a new hotel comes to Monksville Reservoir, there will be a new reservoir

Posted November 10, 2018 03:27:07 When the water level in Monksburg Reservoir rose to over 9,000 cubic feet per second, it was a watershed moment for many people, said Chris Loughridge, who works for the town of Monksberg.

“We had the water go up to 10,000, then it dropped down to 8,000.

And the next week, we had a 3,000-foot drop,” Loughidge said.”

It’s really an interesting thing, the reservoir is always changing.

Sometimes it’s down a little bit, sometimes it’s up a little.”

Loughridge said it’s unusual to see the water levels fluctuate in a reservoir that is usually full of water.

“You never get a really clear picture of what’s going on with the reservoir.

It’s a little more complicated than that,” he said.

Loughidge and his co-workers have been working on the reservoir since October and have been installing and maintaining equipment in order to monitor the water.

The water level has fluctuated since January and has never been below 9,935 cubic feet a second.

Loughridie said he’s not surprised at all that the water has been dropping, but he was curious why.

“That’s kind of the mystery of it, because it’s always been lower than it’s been in the past,” he explained.

“There’s always the possibility of an earthquake, a storm.

The reservoir’s been there a couple of years, so you never know if the reservoir can sustain a major earthquake.”

Lougridge said the only way to predict when the reservoir will be full again is to monitor it.

He said the town would need to get some of the equipment up and running again before that happens.

The water is currently at 9,950.

Water level at Monksvill Reservoir is 9,995.

It was 9,817.8 in October.

Monksburg’s water level is 8,097.5 in September.

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