US to give $3.3 billion to Indian government to fight wildfires

U.S. President Donald Trump has said the U.K. and India are both “going to get the same amount” of funding as the U and Canada, in an apparent nod to India’s growing wildfire crisis.

Trump said on Thursday the United States would give India $3 billion for the firefighting effort and the Indian government will get another $3 million for research.

“They’re both going to get their share,” Trump said.

“So that will be a good deal, it’s going to be a really good deal.”

The comments were the first time the two leaders have spoken publicly about the fire and the escalating crisis, which has prompted the United Nations to declare a state of emergency.

India has been forced to temporarily suspend flights into the United Kingdom and Canada because of the wildfire situation.

India has been trying to contain the blaze, which began in the southern Indian state of Uttarakhand in March, with heavy machinery, aerial and ground crews.

India’s government says about 10,000 hectares have burned in the last three days, more than two-thirds of the state’s total land area.

India’s environment ministry has recorded more than 5,000 wildfires and said the fires are likely to continue for at least another year.

A statement from the U,Canada and United States said the two countries have agreed on an ambitious plan to protect forests and water bodies against climate change.

The countries will provide $4 billion in assistance to India for the fight against the fire.

Trump said that would include a $3-billion grant for the Indian National Disaster Response Force.

“The Indian government has already taken steps to tackle the fires, which are burning across many parts of the country,” the statement said.

“We look forward to working with the Indian and Canadian governments to reduce and control the fires.”

India has also been hit by floods and landslides, which have also affected people and infrastructure.

The United Nations has declared a state, with emergency powers, in Uttarakht in southern India and other areas.