U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service approves new hunting restrictions

By NICHOLAS J. RICHARDSONPublished October 08, 2018 09:04:31The U.K. government has approved a set of hunting restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of deer in the country’s biggest conservation reserve, the Tarkov Range, the BBC reported.

The new measures will be implemented in October and coincide with a planned hunt in the region, which is home to some of the countrys most iconic landmarks, such as the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the National Wildlife Refuge in Sussex.

The Tarkow Range is located in the heart of Britain’s deer country, where a new hunting season is being set for October 2018, according to the BBC.

The new restrictions will also see the return of deer hunters who had previously been prohibited from hunting in the area.

The government has said it wants to ensure that the region remains safe, and the conservation group Wild Scotland has expressed concerns that the reintroduction of deer could cause a loss of habitat and increase the number of deer populations.

Tarkov Conservation Trust (TCV) managing director and head of its deer conservation programme Tim Bostock said the restrictions will protect wildlife, preserve natural areas and increase public enjoyment of the area, the report added.

He told the BBC the restrictions are “completely in line with the principles of the protected area, which requires hunters to take care to observe wildlife and to be prepared for any unexpected events.”

“The hunting ban in the TARKOW range has been in place for almost three decades, and will remain in place until all deer populations are recovered,” he added.

The conservation group’s conservation officer, Mike Brown, said he is confident the regulations will be effective in curbing the deer population, while the TCC is concerned that the ban could encourage further deer reintroduction.

The ban comes after a year of intensive efforts to keep the deer in check, Brown told the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

Tackling the deer problem has become increasingly difficult in recent years, as the number has more than tripled in the past two decades, he said.

Tarks have also become a problem in the UK, with an estimated 1,000,000 roaming free across the country, according the BBC, with the Tarks “reverting” to smaller packs in areas where there are more deer.

In the United States, a federal agency called the US Fish and Food Administration (FDA) is set to issue a new set of regulations for hunting in national parks.

The proposed regulations would require hunters to register with the agency before entering national parks, and prohibit deer from hunting on private land.

The agency has been considering new regulations for decades and was set to announce a revised set of rules in 2018.