How to Get a New Camping Reservation in New York’s Bear Lake Reserve

With only three reservations per campground, it’s a small number of spots to book.

But with only three spots to go around, you may have trouble finding a reservation if you’re not sure what to expect.

And even though there are plenty of other great campsites in the reserve, some are better suited to camping than others.

To find out, we called up the New York State Parks Conservation Commission (NYPLCC) to find out what camping options there are.

Theres a lot to choose from in the park, but here are some tips to help you find the perfect campground.

What to Expect When you arrive at the campsite, theres a nice sign out front that says “Bear Lake Reserve Campground.”

From there, it gets a bit confusing because it seems like theres only one spot open. 

But, in fact, there are so many campsites throughout the reserve that its impossible to know which one is your best option.

There are several campsites, some of which are located just off the highway and on private land.

The best campground is just a short walk away, but you will probably have to drive a little further if you want to get a campsite. 

The Bear Lake Reservoir is the only one that has no parking.

It has a small gravel parking lot with a parking lot attendant, but they dont provide a meter.

You have to park at the gate, and there is no water at the lake. 

 When you arrive, there will be two other campgrounds on the opposite side of the lake from you.

These campsites have a sign out the front, but there isnt much information on them. 

On the opposite end of the reservation is a large paved parking lot, but it is empty. 

There are some camping facilities, but most of them are out of the way. 

This is the largest of the three campsites we went to, but is pretty small.

You can park at either end of this campground and take a cab to the other campsite to get water. 

You can also rent a car to go camping, but thats pretty expensive. 

It’s a bit more of a challenge to get to these campsites than the other two, but its definitely worth it to get in one of the smaller campsites. 

What to Expect While there are lots of places to camp in Bear Lake, we went with the more popular campsite at the very edge of the reserve.

The Bear Lake campground has a picnic pavilion with benches and shade. 

Camping is available during the summer, and theres plenty of parking on the side of roads. 

A sign in the campground announces that it is open during the season. 

As you walk through the campgrounds, the only signs you will see are a sign that says, “Please Do Not Enter”, and a sign saying “Please Please Do Not Exit”. 

Theres also a sign telling you to “Follow All Directions”. 

Campers will take a right or left turn to get into the camp grounds. 

When it comes time to leave, you will need to go through the gate at the Bear Lake parking lot. 

Bear Lake Campgrounds are a great way to spend a few nights in the middle of nowhere without the crowds. 

Here are some of our favorite campsites around Bear Lake. 

Parking in Bear Lakes is very limited.

There is a fee of $1 per day for camping, $1 for campers who have reservations and $1.25 for those who don’t. 

I had a great time at this camp, and if you are looking for a great spot to go, theBear Lake Reservist Campground is the best option to go to.