Coast Guard reservists get special status for 2016

On Wednesday, the Coast Guard announced that all members of the reserve units in the U.S. military who will not be available for duty until November 4 will be eligible to become reservists in the coming months.

This will allow them to take a few extra days off to spend time with their families or to get their hands dirty on the Coast while protecting our coastal waters.

The Coast Guard has also added a few new reservists to its reserve ranks for the upcoming calendar year.

These new members will be added to the active-duty roster as reservists and will be able to deploy to any Coast Guard station on the West Coast as soon as December 1, according to the Coast Service.

The Coast Service announced that members of its Coast Guard Reserve Units, or CAFS, would now be able deploy to the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico, but that this would be contingent on the completion of the Pacific Fleet deployment and the deployment of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower to the Persian Gulf.

During the Cold War, the CAFS were assigned to the USS Arizona, the USS Maine, the Pacific fleet, and the Pacific Command.

Since the beginning of the Obama Administration, the service has been increasing its participation in Operation Desert Shield, which is an effort to secure the Persian, Gulf, and Atlantic Oceans from foreign threats.

The CAFS will be deployed to the Mediterranean Sea and the Mediterranean and Gulf coasts as soon a plan is finalized for the USS Ronald Reagan to move out of the Persian Sea.

On the West and East coasts, CAFS members will deploy to their respective ports of call, the U-boats and the aircraft carriers.

On the West coast, CAFs will deploy in the Gulf of California, while East Coast CAFs would deploy in San Diego and other cities in California.

These changes will allow the Coast Guards to better respond to the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding in the region.

In addition to the increased numbers of CAFS on the coast, the National Guard will be providing increased support to the CAFs, including new ships, aircraft and other equipment.

The Coast Guard is also expanding the number of Coast Guard vessels and aircraft available to assist in the relief effort.