When Disney World reservations disappear

The Disney World reservation system has been going down the tubes, as the company has had to take its reservation system offline in an attempt to avoid the shutdown. 

Disney World reservations have been disappearing.

The system is offline.

Here’s how it happened.

There were around 2.6 million reservations in the United States in the first quarter of 2018, according to disneyworldreservations.com, an app that helps you book reservations.

The app reported that 1.6% of reservations were canceled.

It also reported that a record-breaking 6.6 billion people visited Disney World in the second quarter of 2019. 

The problem with the reservation system is that the company doesn’t know exactly how many people have been booking reservations.

According to a spokesperson for the company, Disney World was not able to track this data until recently. 

There are many reasons why reservations may have disappeared.

The company was able to find out about reservation cancellations by using the app, but the system didn’t automatically identify when the reservation was cancelled. 

For example, a Disney resort might have a guestbook for the day.

That guestbook might be canceled, or a guest may have booked the same reservation for a different day.

The same could be true for a park reservation. 

Disneyworld resets its reservation systems on a regular basis, which means that the system is always updating.

So if someone cancels a reservation, the system will be reset. 

But that’s not the only reason the reservation reservation system isn’t working. 

Some reservations may be cancelled due to “disaster planning.”

That’s when a company decides to cancel a reservation that the reservation agency or other people have already booked, for example.

If you booked a reservation with the same hotel but you’re canceling because of a hurricane, then the hotel might cancel your reservation.

Or the hotel may cancel your hotel reservation in order to avoid any liability. 

In the past, the Disney World Reservation System has been able to handle the problem.

But now that the Disney Parks have shut down, theres no way to track where reservations have disappeared, the spokesperson told me. 

It’s unclear when theres going to be a full resolution of the reservation problem.

And Disneyworldreserves.com reports that theres a limited number of reservations that can be cancelled.

So it will be up to each resort and resort manager to decide whether they want to take any steps to help people book their Disney World stays.

If you have any questions about the reservation cancellation issue, disneysworldreservation.com also has a FAQ page that explains some of the problems with the reservations system.