Apple’s first foray into the West Canyon Reservoir

Apple announced it will open a new West Canyon Reservation in California’s San Bernardino Mountains on Saturday.

The reservation is located on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The new reservation, which will be managed by Apple’s California headquarters, will be called the West Ranch.

The area was previously known as the “Apple Ranch” and is just south of Yosemite National Park.

Apple will open the reservation in 2018.

Apple also announced plans to open another Apple Ranch in the nearby San Joaquin Valley.

The company also announced that it is opening a second Apple Ranch, in the San Joacim Mountains, on Monday.

Apple is building its first “Apple Park” in Mountain View, California.

Apple Park will be located in a former warehouse at 4140 S.E. Fremont St., adjacent to Apple headquarters.

Apple said it will also build a “sustainable forest,” similar to a “green” forest, for its new “Park” at 3145 S. Broadway Blvd., in the Los Angeles neighborhood of West Hollywood.