The NFL has a new rule that will change how you reserve a team’s seats

LAGOON RESERVATIONS A new rule to reserve a stadium seat in a football game could cost fans $30,000.

The NFL is asking the public to comment on whether the new rule is worth it.

The NFL says it will not use any money to pay for the seats, which have a capacity of 70,000, according to the NFL’s official website.

The league is also working on a new system for reserving stadium seats, and it says the changes are not required for football games.

The league has not yet released the proposed rule.

The Associated Press first reported the change.

The draft rule is being developed by the league’s senior vice president of football operations and a committee of executives and business leaders.

The AP reported that the new regulation would mean a fan’s first game would be on a Sunday, which the league says is preferable to the average Saturday game, which is played on a Monday and Tuesday.

The proposal would also mean a game would need to be held on a Thursday to qualify.

Fans who can’t reserve seats will be required to make reservations at a game site, but only if they are willing to pay $30 per seat.

That price will be reduced for a group of four or more, with an extra $5 per seat for the first seat.

The proposal would mean fans can buy their seats at a venue near their home, rather than on the internet.

Fans who want to reserve seats online will have to pay an additional $15 per seat, but the same rules apply.

The draft rule, which would take effect next season, would apply to teams that play at least three regular-season games in the same season and two playoff games in a given year.

If a team plays at least one playoff game in the regular season and plays in the playoffs, that team will be able to reserve at least two stadium seats.