How to fix the M-Pesa outage

The M-Power outage in South Africa has hit the Reserve Bank of South Africa, as the country’s main bank is now forced to pay out about $1.5 billion in loans and to extend its credit line.

The M-Energy outage, which was caused by a computer glitch, affected a range of services and the Reserve’s banking operations.

The M Power outage affected the Reserve Banks main accountants, accountants and bank customers.

Some customers were still using their M-Payment cards.

The Reserve Banks banking department announced that the total loan balance of the Reserve is now $1,946 million, with the loan repayment coming to $1 billion on December 15.

The bank is still waiting for its first tranche of M-Pea to be received.

M-Power is a distributed renewable energy power system.

It’s an innovative and affordable way to generate electricity for homes and businesses and it’s been used extensively in Africa, especially in urban areas.

M-Peas are a hybrid of renewable energy and fossil fuels, with a mix of solar and wind energy.

M Power said the bank will receive its first M-Coal from the M Power network in a few days, but said it has a backlog of orders for M-Electricity and M-Solar.

The country’s biggest banks, including UBS, Deutsche Bank, UBS and Barclays, have been hit with a total of $2.8 billion in outstanding loans.